Technology has transformed how people engage with entertainment and hospitality services. These industries are, however, facing significant challenges. For example, seasonality can lead to high revenue and profits during peak months with the rest of the year being slow for the business. The team at Martini Akpovi Partners, LLP are experts in revenue and expense recognition, distribution accounting, waterfall payments, studios, and producers.

As you may expect from a firm based in Los Angeles, many of our clients operate in the entertainment and hospitality industries. Our areas of client specialty include:

  • Entertainment Venues
  • Film and Television Production
  • Hotels
  • Music Production and Publishing

Whether you are an independent sole practitioner or managing a global chain of entertainment venues, Martini Akpovi Partners, LLP can provide a full complement of services, including, tax, accounting, audit, management advisory and business consulting services. Given the high costs and risks associated with the entertainment and hospitality industries, it is critical that we bring you solutions to help optimize cash flow, provide tax savings and manage risk.

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