Does Your Business Need a Buy/Sell Agreement?

It is important that businesses with more than one owner have a written buy/sell agreement specifying what happens when an owner withdraws from the business. A buy/sell agreement is a contract between the owners (or the owners and the business entity itself) that establishes rules and restrictions applicable to changes in ownership.

The typical buy/sell agreement provides that an owner’s interest in the business will be sold (or at least offered for sale) at a specified price to the other owners and/or to the business entity itself upon the occurrence of specified events. This prevents unwanted persons from becoming members of the ownership group and ensures a ready market for closely held ownership interests. It also provides liquidity to a deceased owner’s family and assures the remaining owners that they will be able to continue the business without interference from the family of the deceased owner. Buy/sell agreements also offer estate planning benefits by establishing a value for the business prior to an owner’s death.

Common methods for determining the purchase price under a buy/sell agreement include (1) establishing a fixed price in the contract, (2) requiring an independent appraisal, or (3) specifying a formula such as a percentage of book value. Events that trigger a buy/sell agreement are specified by the owners in the contract. Generally, buy/sell agreements are triggered by any circumstance that might cause an owner to dispose of an ownership interest — such as death, disability, bankruptcy or retirement.

The best time to establish a buy/sell agreement is now, before a problem develops. Please contact Martini, Iosue & Akpovi by phone at (818) 789-1179 if you would like to discuss the merits of a buy/sell agreement for your business.


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