Don't Be a Charity Scam Victim

When a natural disaster strikes, thieves often play on the goodwill of people by posing as representatives of real charities to steal money or get information to commit identity theft.

Bogus charities use several different tactics to get money and information from unsuspecting individuals. They may claim to be with, and use the names similar to, legitimate charities. They often use e-mail to steer people to bogus websites that look like real charity websites. Scam artists will contact people by phone or e-mail to get their victims to donate money or give them financial information. To avoid being scammed, don’t give your Social Security number, credit card information, bank account numbers, or passwords to anyone.

Only donations to qualified organizations are tax-deductible. For legitimate charitable contributions, contribute by check or credit card to provide documentation for tax purposes — never donate cash. Finally, if you suspect fraud, report it to the appropriate authorities.

Please contact Martini, Iosue & Akpovi by phone at (818) 789-1179 if you have any questions or want more information.


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