Electronic Copies of Tax Returns

We are excited to announce that Martini, Iosue & Akpovi will now be sending taxpayer copies of individual and business returns electronically!

Once the tax return is complete, our clients will receive an email from our staff with a ShareFile link to access and download the file for their records.  The secure file will be available for download for one month.  The electronic copy of the return will be used for our clients’ review.  Within a week of the email, our clients will receive the package in the mail with any returns that need to be filed with tax agencies and action items including payment vouchers, electronic release forms, etc.  Our clients will still need to remit electronic release forms to our office and/or mail returns to the tax agencies.  The electronic copy of the tax return will not affect our firm’s filing policy.

In January we will be mailing a letter to each of our clients explaining the process in more detail.  Each of our clients will need to confirm the email address we have on file is the email address they would like to receive their tax return.  It is extremely important that each of our clients review the letter in January to confirm their contact information is correct.  Please keep an eye out for this important letter.

For more information regarding ShareFile, please visit https://martinicpas.com/news/introducing-sharefile/


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