Erick Shahnazari

Erick Shahnazari Awarded Martini Akpovi Partners Scholarship

Martini Akpovi Partners is delighted to have awarded a scholarship to Erick Shahnazari. Erick is a California State University of Northridge (CSUN) graduate (2019) in Professional Accounting and Information Systems.

When Erick enrolled in a basic accounting course at Community College, the challenge and the practical nature of the course immediately captured him. His tutor explained that less than 40% of the students would pass the course so he studied hard and passed with flying colors. He continues to study and plans to take his first CPA Board exam this summer. Erick helps friends with their tax returns, and he saved one friend a significant amount of money by recommending a change to his business’ legal entity, to make it more tax efficient.  Erick plans to focus on financial services taxation and has accepted a position in the tax department at Ernst & Young.

Martini Akpovi Partners has made an on-going commitment to offer scholarships to CSUN accounting students. This year three students received an award of $1,000. For more information about the scholarship program please contact CSUN directly. If you are interested in our internship program or working at Martini Akpovi Partners, please contact us at (818) 789-1179

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