Tax Deadline (Calendar with tax day circled)

IRS Moves Tax Day From April 15 To July 15, 2020

The US Treasury announced today (March 20) that tax returns and forms will be due on July 15 rather than April 15 this year. This is in line with the decision made earlier this week which allows individuals to defer up to $1 million and corporations up to $10 million in taxes until July 15.

California has updated the state filing and payment deadlines to conform with the new federal deadlines of July 15. Other states are working on extending their deadlines as well. If you file in states other than California and have concerns about meeting state deadlines, contact us for more information.

Taxpayers expecting a refund are being encouraged by the government to file as early as possible and to opt for direct deposit to receive their money more quickly.

Our team will continue to work with you to file your taxes before the federal and state deadlines. There are several options to communicate and engage with us such as email, skype, video conference and calls. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at (818) 789 1179.

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