Cartoon of a woman driving a car in the 1920s

Putting Women CPAs On The Map

Here are two inspirational female Certified Public Accountants to celebrate as we enter the last week of Women’s History month.

Christine Ross was the first female Certified Public Accountant in America, earning her certificate from the State of New York in 1899. Her scores in the exams taken 18 months previously placed her in the top two or three in her group, but there was a delay in releasing her scores due to her gender. Christine Ross’ clients included wealthy women and people working in the business and fashion industries.

30 years later in 1929, Ellen Libby Eastman, the first female CPA of Maine articulated the challenges for female (and male) accountants.

“One must be willing and able to endure long and irregular hours, unusual working arrangements and difficult travel conditions. I have worked eighteen out of the twenty four hours of a day with time for but one meal. I have worked in the corner of a grain mill with a grain bin for a desk. I have been snowbound in railroad stations and have been stranded five miles from a garage with both tires of my car flat. One must keep the appointment ‘how’ is not the client’s concern.”

Fortunately times have changed and at MAP we value quality personal time while remaining committed to client service.

What would Christine and Ellen have made of the challenges posed in 2020 and 2021?


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