Headshots of Kevin Holmes & Eric Rockwell

Podcast Episode 7: Should Your Firm Get A Cybersecurity Assessment?

In the latest episode of the Financial RoadMAP podcast, Kevin Holmes, our Audit & Assurance Practice Leader interviews Eric Rockwell, a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer at MAP CyberSecure.

Cyber-attacks can be devastating to a firm’s finances and their reputation within the business community.  Cyber-attacks can be avoided, yet many companies do not prioritize cybersecurity strategy. An outside professional can perform an assessment of your firm’s cybersecurity preparedness to objectively measure the level of risk in your firm’s environment and the types of attacks you are susceptible to.  The assessment will measure and quantify the types of threats faced by your firm, measure your firm’s current cyber hygiene and the frequency and the likelihood of these types of attacks. An assessment involves a few hours with key executives, and with a full understanding of the risks, your team will be able to budget for aligning your firm with known security controls to reduce your risk and prevent future cyber-attacks.

The podcast can be listened to on all major providers including Apple and Spotify. To find the podcast on your favorite platform click here

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