Special Rules for Inherited IRAs

Normally, retirement plan distributions made to a nonspouse beneficiary after the account owner’s death are taxable at the time they are received and cannot be rolled over to the beneficiary’s own IRA. However, employer-sponsored retirement plans are required to offer nonspouse beneficiaries the option to roll over inherited amounts tax-free in a direct (trustee-to-trustee) rollover to an inherited IRA. No taxes will be due on the inherited IRA rollover until the beneficiary receives a distribution from the inherited IRA. An inherited IRA is an IRA that has been acquired by a beneficiary on the death of someone other than a spouse.

The following special rules apply to an inherited IRA:

  • The IRA must be a brand-new IRA set up for the specific purpose of receiving the inherited account.
  • The IRA must be specially titled in the deceased account owner’s name.
  • No other contributions may be made to the IRA.
  • No other amounts may generally be rolled into or out of the IRA.
  • Minimum required distributions will need to be made over the beneficiary’s life expectancy starting the year after the IRA owner’s death.


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